My 4 Year Old Niece Only Wants To Wear Extentions; Gets Sick When She Has To Wear Her Real Hair [REAL STORY]

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A Concern woman wrote,

My niece is a very sweet, extremely cute 4-year-old little girl. Her mom (my sister-in-law) started using braiding extensions when she started preschool as a 3-year-old. It is clear that she doesn’t like wearing her own hair anymore and only feels cute when she wears long braids.

When she wears extension braids, she is outgoing, gives hugs, loves meeting new kids and playing. When she wears her own hair (which is probably neck-length, natural 4C hair), she is shy, withdrawn and only wants to play alone, doesn’t like going out of the house, pretends to be sick so she won’t have to go to class, etc. One weekend, her mother was sick so she couldn’t do her hair. My niece had to go to school with her natural hair and was so upset that she made herself vomit to come home.

Clearly this is a problem. My sister-in-law keeps appeasing her by letting her wear extensions. Not only that, but her hairline is starting to break off and recede because of the continuous high-tension hairstyles. She’s only 4!

I’m a mom of a little girl, and my default for most discussions about my kids is “Mind ya business.” But I really do believe her self-esteem is being impacted and I am worried. Should I put a bug in my brother’s ear? My sister-in-law and I are actually pretty cool, but we both can get right on down, especially regarding our kids. What do you think?