Diddy And Lori Harvey Spotted In A Strip Club Together With His Son Justin [DETAILS]

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It is no longer shocking to see male and female couples making it rain in strip clubs together anymore.

But Diddy, 49, managed to surprise pop culture because the music mogul took his rumored girlfriend, Lori Harvey, 22, and his son Justin Combs, 25, to the famous Magic City strip club while in Atlanta for his Revolt music conference.

The fact that this alleged love triangle could actually kick it together seems very strange to social media users, many of whom commented under the video showing them inside the gentlemen’s club.

Some are beginning to speculate as to whether Harvey, the step-daughter of comedic icon Steve Harvey, and Justin Combs were ever dating. One fan speaks for many who believe that Combs was always a cover to camouflage the fact that Lori Harvey was dating the middle-age daddy.

Otherwise, how could the son hang with his father if he stole the girlfriend from underneath him, especially at a strip club? Borrowing the words of Arsenio Hall, these are the “things that make you go ‘hmmmm…’”

Instagram users had a lot to say about the trio’s appearance at the famous Atlanta club.

One Instagram observer said: “This is so strange!!! 🤨,” while another pondered the trio together and said: “I’m starting to think she never dealt with Justin in that way… cause I REFUSE to believe she could really get down like that😩.”

Another, referring to Harvey, said “Sis really getting passed around 😂,” while a third person said: “Diddy ain’t even loyal to his own son😂”

A fifth person said: “Money will never buy values,” while two others provided this commentary:

“This love triangle thing got me so confused….🥴,” and “This Diddy and Lori Harvey situationship makes me feel soo uncomfortable for some reason 🤔.”