Woman Found Out Her New Husband Was Cheating After His Sidechick Sent Her A Message While On Their Honeymoon [DETAILS]

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A newlywed bride has claimed she discovered her husband had been having an affair – after the “other woman” messaged her during her honeymoon.

The recently married bride said she was just three days into the trip with her partner when she spotted the message on Facebook .

She explained she had spent months planning the ‘perfect’ trip to Italy after the pair tied the knot.

And although she admitted they had a “rocky patch” after becoming engaged they had “fought back from the brink” – or so she believed.

She told mamamia that she noticed a message in her ‘other’ folder while flicking through her iPad while away.

The unnamed bride said it was from a woman whose face she didn’t recognizee.

She wrote:: “Assuming it was junk, I was about to delete it when I glimpsed the first line: ‘I’ve been sleeping with Harry for three months…'”

Looking into the message further, she said she realized the it had been sent two years earlier but she’d missed it.

The messenger said she had met the woman’s husband in a bar and, believing he was single, they started dating.

She said it was only after the first few dates that he confessed but that she continued with the affair afterwards.

She added the affair ended when the cheat and his new bride got engaged.

The newlywed said she confronted her husband who then begged for another chance.

She wrote: “He said it’d taken him straying to realise that what we had together was truly what he wanted.

“He begged and begged for another chance.”

The bride said she then made the difficult decision to do so.