Some Fans Are Upset That More Attention Isn’t Being Placed On Nipsey Hussle’s First Baby Mama; Tanisha Asghedom [DETAILS]

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Some fans are upset that more attention isn’t being placed on Tanisha Asghedom, the mother of Nipsey Hussle’s daughter, Emani.

The stage at Nipsey’s memorial service on April 11, 2019 was filled with Nipsey’s loved ones, but Tanisha noticeably was left out.

Over the years, Tanisha Asghedom has directed some sharp comments toward Lauren London about their relationship.

It was London, Nipsey’s current partner, who was center stage at the memorial service with Nipsey’s children, including his daughter with Tanisha and London’s son with Lil Wayne. London and Hussle also shared son Kross together. In 2013, a friend of Tanisha’s wrote on her Facebook page, “I don’t not dislike nipps I just hate how he treat tanisha.”

Lauren London shared a photo of a tattoo she got of Nipsey’s face on her arm after his death. However, photos of Tanisha show she has a ribald ode to Nipsey tattooed on her chest and has for some time. Her relationship with Nipsey predates his connection with London.

Tanisha was on some people’s minds even as social media filled up with condolences for Lauren London, whose emotional speech at the memorial service was a focal point of the event, along with talks from Nipsey’s parents, his brother, Snoop Dogg, and others.

Some reminded the world to think of Tanisha too. “God bless Tanisha, the mother of Nipsey’s first child. She’s gotten lost in all of this. I’m uplifting eternal prayers for her as well. God bless you Tanisha 🙏🏿🏁” wrote one man on Twitter, echoing the thoughts of others.

A woman concurred, writing on Twitter, “Everybody heart is ‘screaming’ for Lauren London but what about Tanisha Asghedom ? @chynahussle she had to explain to her daughter her father is gone too !!!!!!”

“You deserve love & prayers as well @chynahussle .. I hope you find some type of peace , comfort as well .. heleft you with a beautiful baby girl 💙” a woman wrote on Twitter.

Wrote another, directing a comment toward Chyna Hussle’s Twitter page: “I’m praying for you to just as well as lauren london you loved that man just as much as she did i dont care your still the mother of his child and have feelings as well they praise lauren to much but she’s not the only one hurting behind this great loss💙”

Some people have commented that Tanisha and Lauren look somewhat similar.

Tanisha’s last post on Instagram, where she goes by the name Chyna Hussle, came on March 29. Nipsey died on March 31.

In 2018, she wished Nipsey a happy birthday on Instagram, writing, “Well good morning I would like to wish This Man a Happy 🎂 day hope your ugly ass enjoy your day…”

In 2017, Tanisha wrote with a picture of the Asghedoms, “This has been my family what the fucc u thought I’ll always have there bac now go tell that.”

Tanisha still uses Nipsey Hussle’s last name on social media; she goes by Tanisha Asghedom (Hussle’s real last name) on Facebook and Chyna Hussle on Twitter. However, his death certificate stated that the rapper was never married. On Facebook, Tanisha writes that she is currently in a relationship (she has photos of herself with another man on her Facebook and Instagram pages) and says:

“Studied at Rich Rollin
Went to Westchester Senior High
Lives in Los Angeles, California
From Los Angeles, California
In a relationship.”

Tanisha appears to have moved on, at least as judged by her social media pictures. Tanisha also wrote with a picture of another man, “mg bestfriend a blood but yea im cripping.” In February, she shared a photo on Instagram that showed her snuggling with a man and wrote, “Me and my love bug night night.”

Tanisha’s messages on Facebook date back several years. One, in 2013, read, “top of the a.m to my real husslers.” In August 2013, she wrote, “I just had a bad dream about my childs father some ppl beat him up bad at a store and i saved him but they got him again shit had me almost in tears i wonder what that means….”

She added, “it was just a dream yall no need for yall to be arguing just speaking my mind on my page.” She also wrote, “no im talking bout nip and yea we no bout blacc sam and he is not always around.”