I Caught My Baby Daddy Texting His Ex Girlfriend And An Old Regular Hookup!!!

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I caught my baby daddy texting his ex girlfriend and an old regular hookup. After the initial fight and break up he cried, begged and apologized, then took me ring shopping. Now he’s back peddling about the ring.

I picked up the phone and called his ex hookup and she admitted to me that he started calling and texting her last September, usually in the middle of the night. She told me she knew he was in a relationship but basically had hope that he’d leave. Keep in mind that him and I were living together at the time, and I was pregnant with his child when he started calling her and texting her.

The other woman is a girl he was in an official relationship with, but she dumped him just a few months in for being too selfish. He told me he didn’t care because he knew there was nothing solid between them beyond attraction. I didn’t reach out to her, but I’m wondering if I should? She’s still in his friends group. He did however change his Facebook picture to a picture of us and deleted her off of everything.

I’m really struggling with fully respecting him as a man, and taking his word in anything he says. Especially since he took me ring shopping days after I caught him in all of the above, and asked me to let my parents know that he’ll be asking my dads permission for my hand. A month after that conversation he backpedaled on the engagement talk, because I’m struggling with leaving his past shortcomings in the past, he said.

To me this is extremely manipulative…. he broke my trust, and the fact that he’s expecting me to brush it off as if nothing major happened so quickly is even more despicable. I need time, empathy and support to heal from what he did… and then for him to take me ring shopping and take it back is a total slap across my face. My parents are now telling to “watch out for this one.”

Thoughts—am I being emotionally toyed with? If he wants to go screw other women, why doesn’t he just say that and go? Why is it so hard for him to be authentic?