I Found Out My Husband Cheated On Me At His Bachelor Party!!!

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We are newlyweds been married less than a month. We lived together for 3 years before we got married and we dated for 4 years before he proposed.

I’ve never had trust issues with him before, we even did long distance for a year when he had to travel for work and it worked out great.

For his bachelor party half of his groomsmen were also engaged so they had a big blowout bachelor party trip in mexico. I was weary of letting him go because I know his single friends party hard, they travel just to party with hookers and strippers on yachts. I’ve heard all their wild party stories. But he assured me there’s no way anything will happen because there was only 2 single guys on the trip and none of his friends have ever cheated before. I’m not an insecure person because I’m confident young and attractive so i let him go. Even though there would have been a lot of temptation to cheat I trusted him.

When he came back from his trip I asked him if anything happened, he said no everyone behaved, especially him! I asked his best man if he had anything to tell me before we tied the knot and he said my fiancée adores me and would never cheat on me. We got married as planned. Fast forward to today, a month after we got married. He left his phone on the couch where we were sitting, he left the room to take a shower. His phone is lighting up with texts from his best friend. Talking about the bachelor party. They wanted to go back to the same country that the bachelor party was at for his friend’s birthday and were talking about a girl.

I know his phone password so i opened up his phone and read ALL the text messages with his friend. Basically his scumbag best friend was bragging to my fiancée that he covered for him so well there’s no way I’ll ever find out about him cheating before our wedding. My fiancée thanked him and said that the bachelors need to go over their stories so that they all match. I found videos of my husbands friends cheating getting oral from hookers on a yacht. I found photos of my husband kissing a girl on his lap in a bikini which i’m guessing is the one of the prostitutes he was using on his trip. Basically every single guy on the trip had sex with prostitutes which means now not only is my marriage affected but I don’t know if it’s my responsibility to break 3 women’s hearts whose husbands or fiancées were also on the bachelor trip. The things I found is going to break up the homes of all his closest friends and I don’t even know if I should tell them or not. I screenshotted everything and sent it to myself.

I don’t know what to do because I don’t want our marriage to end over this. Honestly I was willing to instantly forgive him if he owned up and apologized immediately after he came home. But the fact that he lied upsets me more than the cheating, is that weird? I don’t know if he feels any guilt. I am especially seeking advice from people who stayed in a relationship after discovering infidelity. Is it possible to heal something like this or are we doomed for divorce? This is the first time I’ve ever been cheated on ever and I don’t why I feel like I should be angry but i’m not – is there something wrong with me?