The REAL Tea On Jussie Smollett’s Stuggles Before The Attack [DETAILS]

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From an ‘ALLEGED’ insider,

From my last visit to Chi Town/LA and attending some of the Empire shootings, here is the latest

Columbia is this close to scrapping the record deal before it even launches. Jussie submitted TWICE the awaited album since he got signed last year and execs were not the least impressed or happy with the work. Asked for a redo. The redo results were met with lukewarm to abort reactions. The conversation now is if it’s of any value to keep him as a recording solo artist when all chart or music work he’s had out was Empire related, and that spark he had once from the show ran its course. Basically they are reconsidering any release because Jussie doesn’t have enough star power or mass appeal to perform well on the charts.

-Bille Woodruff is directing a number of episodes for the show and tried several times to get “close” to Jussie only to be politely declined. Bille I know you’re on LSA don’t you DARE try to come for me or I’ll put on blast that little “incident” on set last month when Production walked in on… Hyatt Place (I’ll stop..for now ☕️)

Jussie still fucks with Dora from time to time. Had an architect boo in LA who left him 2 months ago, and he ain’t been doing or looking his best. It’s adding to the stress he’s having facing the reality of where he will end up or what he will do post Empire. Conversations around him is that his maximum is what he achieved on this show. Even Fatha Lee can’t help much.

ill be around the Empire peeps again next week. Will def get more.