This Celebrity Tea Is So HOT!!! [DETAILS]

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Wéndy: Kevin is in total disbelief she’s packed up and left out of nowhere. He feels as if she’s not taking the livelihood of her show’s staff into consideration as she puts the future of the show in danger, and now refers to her as a ‘selfish bitch’ anytime he mentions her. Just yesterday, a Florida transit worker spotted her yelling into her phone. On Sunday, a grocery store employee came forward with details about her encounter with Wendy. She said Wendy look disheveled and had a blank stare in her eyes.

Joe Büdden: Planning to present an eggplant challenge to The Game. Basically, they’d take pics of their packages, and have them measured to see who’s packing the most. If The Game wins, he’d be allowed to release the sex tape with no legal consequence. If Joe wins, the tapes would remain sealed forever. I heard Budden is very confident in what he’s working with.

Offsét: His mother is allegedly pushing him to test the paternity of baby Külture. She just wants to be on the safe side and thinks that it’s best for everyone if certain things are confirmed

Dånity Kåne: A source in Aubrey’s camp revealed details of an encounter she had with a fan recently during Danity Kane’s ‘The Universe is Undefeated’ tour, and it’s clear that she feels that the MTV-spawned group is in a lane of their own. “The fan was super excited to see Aubrey and the girls, and expressed that Danity Kane is like the Destiny’s Child of her generation. Aubrey immediately shut it down, and her attitude was pretty alarming. She asked the young girl, ‘Well you know we’re two different groups, right? We are Danity Kane, they are Destiny’s Child. You know that, right?’. It almost seemed as if she was irritated by the comparison. I can tell that the fan was pretty hurt by her painfully sarcastic tone, so I made sure she got a hug before she walked away with Aubrey’s autograph.”, the source says.

Chrisétte Michélle: Preparing to release a song about R.Kelly. “After the drama Chrissy went through for performing at Trump’s inauguration, she really knows how it feels to be misunderstood. She feels that Black musicians always get the ‘iron fist’ treatment even when the smallest mistake is made and wants to lend her voice through song to let R. Kelly know that his life is not over.”, the source reveals.

Jeånnie Måi: Looking for a mandingo! Some people may view her comments on ‘The Real’ as problematic, but I know her personally and based on the conversations we have, her love for Black men is clearly real.”, the source reveals. The movie ‘Mandingo’, released in 1975, is a tale of a Mandingo slave who ultimately impregnates his White female master and is eventually killed for doing so.

Nene Leakes: Planning to leave Atlanta for Hollywood. She already has her eyes set on a few auditions. She feels it is time for elevation. With everything she’s been through over the past few months. Her husband Gregg has been in great spirits and I’m sure he’ll tag along for the ride

Vîncént Hérbert: Gearing up to get full custody of his five-year-old son, Logan. He is furious after after hearing that Logan sleeps in the bed with Tamar and her boyfriend

Steve Hårvey: Wife is allegedly a former hustler’s babe in Chicago prior to marrying Stevé. My cousin knows of her and says she is a tramp and Stéve use to come to town and shack up in hotels when he was still married.

Bøw Wøw: His mother is allegedly looking to get Kiyomi “handled”. He’s never really been in a situation like this, and this is her baby we’re talking about here. Yes he’s a grown man, but that is her baby. She wants Kiyomi handled and she wants it done quickly as possible.

Tødd Tücker: Allegedly enjoying the company of a younger female for a few months now, and things are beginning to escalate. “He’s putting me in a really uncomfortable position. At first I believed that she was just his friend, but friends don’t hug up on each other like I saw tonight in the parking lot. He knows that I am close to Kandi – he knows that I am very loyal to her. If he’s going to be playing around like this, he better learn how to do it more discreetly. I’m going to be forced to choose sides in this situation and he doesn’t want me to do that. For the sake of his marriage and for the sake of his kids – I hope he realizes this woman isn’t worth it.”, the source says.