Rasheeda Is Allegedly Using Her Husband’s Former Sidechick As Her Surrogate! [DETAILS]

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From MTO,

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars Rasheeda and Kirk are getting ready to have another baby – and they are reportedly using Kirk’s side chick Jasmine as their surrogate.

MTO News just learned that Kirk, 49, and Rasheeda, 43, are planning on expanding their family. The couple has been trying to get pregnant for the last year, and now they’re turning to surrogacy.

But they’re not just using any old surrogate. MTO News learned that the couple has approached Kirk’s OTHER baby’s mother and former side chick Jasmine to be their surrogate.

Jasmine hasn’t accepted the offer yet, we’re told. But the Love & Hip Hop cameras are all over it.

One producer explained, “We didn’t script this, it was Rasheeda and Kirk’s idea to ask Jasmine. It’s the craziest thing I ever heard.”

Kirk and Jasmine had an affair two years ago and conceived a son together Kannon. On last season of Love & Hip Hop Kirk finally took a paternity test that proved he is indeed the father of Jasmine’s son.