The ‘ALLEGED’ TEA On Karrueche And Victor Cruz Rumored Break-Up [DETAILS]

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The ‘ALLEGED’ TEA below:

The rumors of Vic getting a jump off pregnant are true and the woman has filed suit to start getting money from Vic. Kae doesn’t want this to mess up her brand so they agreed to go on break until everything is resolved with that woman which is why Kae has been solo a lot lately and Vic been doing his on thing alone. But now Vic is angry after he got phone calls from friends of his that were at Travis Scott Christmas party saying Kae and Quavo hung out together the whole time in VIP. Travis also invited Kae to come to his concert the last show in LA when Quavo performed as a surprise guest.

Vic is now saying he’s broke up with her officially and Kae has been blowing his phone up all day leaving messages telling him that she will marry him whenever he wants to do it. Vic had already brought up marriage to Kae but she said it wasn’t something she was ready for right now. Kae really loves Vic and doesn’t want things to be over between them even though he got another woman pregnant. She has no interest in rekindling things with Quavo and was just being friendly at the party after Quavo asked her was she okay from Nicki dissing her in Barbie Dreams. Quavo did invite her to have dinner after the party but she declined and Vic thinks she cheated and refuses to talk to her.