Did Future Fly LeSean McCoy’s Ex Delicia Cordon To Vacation With Him In Dubai??? [DETAILS & PHOTOS]

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Another day, another chick rapper Future is spending time with.

From SandraRose.com,

Word on the IG streets is that promiscuous rapper Future Hendrix flew his future baby mama, Delicia Cordon, to vacation with him in Dubai.

Instagram sleuths studied flight plans, photo metadata, geographical data, and even the position of the sun in the sky in Instagram pictures to determine that Delicia and Future were in the same vicinity — and maybe even in the same hotel in Dubai.


Rumor has it that Future pursued Delicia after that scandal involving the Instagram model and her ex-boyfriend, NFL star LeSean McCoy, who accused her of squatting in his Georgia mansion.

Future reportedly moved Delicia into a new home in Atlanta and lavished her with gifts including a new Range Rover.

Delicia, a 34-year-old model and entrepreneur, accused McCoy of sending goons to beat her bloody and force her and her 2 children out of his house in northern Georgia.

The Buffalo Bills star called Delicia’s allegations “totally baseless and offensive.”

Future, who fathered 5 children with four women, reportedly has a 6th child on the way. An Instagram model named Eliza Reign accused the rapper of paying her to have an abortion.

After Reign declined to abort her child and kept the money she claims Future threatened her and put a hit out on her. She says she is financially secure and doesn’t want any money from him.