Some Alleged TEA On Drake And Nicki Minaj!

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Remember that time Drake went on TV and dropped a painfully earnest soliloquy on Rihanna about his undying love for her? And remember when she dabbed in response? Good times.

More recently, fellow Young Money star Nicki Minaj decided to shoot her shot at the 2018 People’s Choice Awards.

As she accepted her award for Best Female Artist of 2018, she thanked Donatella Versace for her couture gown and then said, “And shoutout to Michael B. Jordan because he’s gonna be taking it off me tonight.”

Drake had something to say about her comment.

An anonymous source reportedly told Girlfriend Mag, “Drake thought Nicki came off sounding a bit thirsty while she was openly shooting her shot with Michael B. Jordan.”

Oh, word?

“Drake feels that Nicki is a gorgeous, sexy, superstar that is better than using an award show appearance to get a date,” added the source, who is allegedly very close to the Scorpion artist. “Drake expects more from Nicki, so he was shocked to hear her come so hard after Michael.”

The hypocrisy, of course, immediately jumped out.

After spilling this tea, the source had one more cup to offer: “Drake was also a bit jealous too. He’d prefer Nicki was flirting with him on that award show stage,” the source said.