I Found Out My Boyfriend Of Almost 3 Years Has Been Married For 5 Years!!!

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I found out my boyfriend was married by a slip of the tongue while I was giving birth to his son in hospital.

I was just moments away from giving birth to a baby boy who would complete my family.

But just before I was due to go under for her Caesarean section , a shock slip of the tongue made me wonder who my daddy really was.

For when the doctor asked my doting boyfriend Alex his name, he answered “Douglas” – and in the emotion of the moment gave away his secret double life.

I later discovered Alex not only had a whole different identity, he also had a wife .

They say you never forget the day your children are born – and I certainly won’t. It was devastating.

We’d had a baby and he’d been telling me he wanted to marry me when all the time he already had a wife.

And my soul is crushed. How could i not see this? How could i be so stupid to believe the late nights and work trips and every strange thing he did i passed it off as my being paranoid and possesive.

I thought we were so happy because we had no restrictions. No snooping through phones.

My whole entire family was fooled. Holidays. Birthdays. He met my father. He talked about our future his future. We had fuck*ng plans.

How do you do that? How do you live a double life for two and a half years. How did she not notice? How could he ruin so many peoples lives

Most of all why do i hate him but still love him. I know he is not him. Not the man i loved. That man was made up. A lie, all of it fake. But that fake person was everything i wanted. I told him how lucky i felt every day. Every day for 2.5 years.

Id never loved anybody every day for so long more each day. It was like i was finally happy. And it wasnt even real? Like a movie you watch where you fall in love with the character and then the movie ends and you just have to figure out how to feel real emotions again.

Holy freaking crap you guys. 2.5 years. I put every peice together. I know where he was now on certain nights. I was the other woman. And this poor girl is married to this horrible person. This poor girl.