“My Girlfriend Is So Ugly When She Takes Her Wigs And Makeup Off, I Can’t Marry Her…”

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A worried social media user has taken to the internet to share a situation he felt was becoming a problem for him in his relationship.

According to the social media user, his girlfriend always appeared very attractive when she goes out but her looks at home was always a put off for him since according to him, she looked ‘ugly’ behind closed doors.

In recounting his ‘story’, the man claimed that his girlfriend’s make up was always on point anytime she had to step out but she went back to ‘factory settings’ when she arrived at home.

He added that the situation had become so unbearable that he was not turned on by her looks and sometimes had to even kick her out of bed.

In a Facebook post, the man wanted to find out if he was dating his grandmother since ‘his lady’ looked unattractive at home when she took off her wig and wiped her make up.

He pleaded with her to appear pretty for him at home the same way she looked stunning anytime she was going to town.

The social media user hinted that the continuity of their relationship rested on the lady and was counting on her to be cooperative.

His post on Facebook read,

“My girlfriend looks fine outside the house but indoors she looks so ugly. Now am thinking why are girls so fake and what’s the point? Am not enjoying the beauty. Outside the house makeup, full 12-inch contour, eyelash, nails, wigs and all that. Inside the house no makeup, no wig.

Her hair is chop off in front, she will now wear big Bubu, Inside the house, I don’t even want to touch her at all. Sometimes when I wake up I use my leg to kick her for no reason. That’s how I feel. But outside she will look so fine.

Does this happen to me alone? At this rate, I won’t marry this girl. She said looking good indoor is expensive and she can’t wear the wigs with the heat and all. Can anyone relate? Let me know if am dating my grandmother. Let me know.

Some night when she rubs powder. Jesus! I feel like am caged In. Am I not important enough to look fine for inside the house?” he wrote.