“My Husband And I Are Both In Love With My Best Friend”

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I don’t think I have ever been this confused in my life! I’m ranting a little, sorry!

My husband and I ended up in bed with our best friend ( we are all in our 30s) . We all enjoyed it, but I don’t know what will happen to us now.

I met my husband 5 years ago, we have been married for two years. I am extremely happy with our relationship, we are very close, very compassionate and I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with him.

We have a very good female friend and we care about each other very much. We have known her a few years, we see each other 1-2 a week, we hang out, we cook together, we can talk for hours and the three of us always have a great time. It was always strictly non-romantic since we are married and she has a boyfriend – and honestly I never even considered anything in that direction.

Her relationship with her boyfriend always seemed a bit weird and distant to us, we never really understood why she dates him and the four of us seldomly hang out.

She told us 3 month ago, that she and her boyfriend decided to open the relationship and date other people. And that somehow shifted things. My husband and I started talking about her, how beautiful she is and how special and how stupid her boyfriend is to not treat her like the great person she is.

After a while our thoughts drifted into a more sexual direction we started discussing if we would enjoy making out with her. This was really (!!) crazy for both of us, she is a very good friend after all and we are a married couple.

The three of us are quite open-minded and adventurous people and 3-4 times a year we experiment with psychedelics. It was always a beautiful, close and fun experience, but never romantic. A lot of cuddling and hugging, but never more.

Until last saturday. We were all lying on our bed and my husband and I started cuddling and stroking her – she was lying between us. And then a lot of things happen. I kissed her, my husband kissed her. We didn’t have sex, but only because she asked us to not cross that line.

The crazy thing is: it was so amazingly beautiful. I have never kissed a girl before, neither has she. I watched her kiss my husband and I felt no jealousy, just joy that they were so close. We were all totally shy and overwhelmed by this experience. My husband and I had expected a sexy adventure with her, but instead it was intimate and caring and vulnerable. The three of us so very close – it felt like the most natural thing.

She stayed the night, sleeping on the sofa and we had breakfast the next day. We didn’t know what to say, but it was a warm and friendly vibe and she didn’t seem to regret anything.

This has been a week ago and we still haven’t really talked. We met in a park and had picnic a few days ago. She told us that she was overwhelmed, but that she very much enjoyed kissing us. It felt a bit awkward and confusing.

The last week was really emotional for me, I couldn’t eat, I felt sick, I kept think about her, about kissing her, about my husband kissing her. It feels awkward to even write this, but I feel like I have a huge crush on her – and my husband feels the same.

We will talk to her in two days and I am so crazy nervous. We want to tell her, how we feel about this situation and ask her if she would like to explore whatever this is.

I have no idea how she feels about this. And I am scared that she will say no, although I can totally understand that this is to crazy for her. And I am scared that she will say yes, because maybe this is to crazy for me.

She didn’t tell her boyfriend about what happened but they are in a huge fight about something unrelated. Things are difficult between them right now.

I feel like I am loosing my mind a little bit…any tipps would be greatly appreciated!