My Wife Cheated With My Friend, Got Pregnant, And Now Wants To Keep Her ‘Miracle’ Baby!!!

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My wife and I have a 5 year old boy. My son is my favorite person in the world. We’ve been married for 8 years but have known each other for 25 years. Dating for 3 years prior to marriage.

My wife is currently pregnant, and I know the baby isn’t mine. We have not slept together in a while. She would make up an excuse or push me away for whatever reason she had at the time (and many of those reasons were believable).

I had my suspicions for a while. She slept with a good friend of ours, who as of a few weeks ago was no longer our friend (I never did get a good answer as to why, until 2 days ago).

She doesn’t work and is a stay at home mom. I work a lot and pay all of the bills. We own our home outright.

Two nights ago she dropped this bombshell on me when I got home from work.

She was crying and calling herself an asshole, a bad person, etc. Then she said she was sorry for hurting my feelings (as opposed to “sorry I cheated”). She said she has not told anyone, not even our “friend” (the father), only her sister. We made an agreement that she would terminate the pregnancy and go to counseling. I was awash with emotions I have never felt before but I thought to myself “maybe this could be a new beginning for us”.

To preface the next paragraph, I’ve always wanted a second child. According to her, her doctor told her she could not have any more kids. I was not at that appointment and trusted what my wife told me, I had no reason to not trust her at this point (this was 2 years ago). I know now that this was bullsh*t. I’ve also been tested and I was fertile.

Last night she came to me with a knife and asked me to kill our son because that is what I was asking her to do.

She then tried to blame me for her infidelity, which I know is bullsh*t. She then started calling her pregnancy a “miracle”.

This was an entire world of crazy from her that i have never seen before. Maybe i was just naive. She wants to keep the baby now and I told her I want a divorce.

I am very uncomfortable with the thought I wont be able to read my son bed time stories every night now. And do the things we do every day together. And I’m not comfortable with my wife meeting someone new and my son calling him daddy. Because we are in California, I know I am screwed when it comes to the divorce and child custody, and that isnt helping things. I cannot afford a lawyer, let alone a good one.

I have done nothing wrong here. I’ve been telling myself that since dday.