Reportedly J.R. Smith Alleged Sidechick Is Mad He Chose His Family Over Her! [DETAILS]

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Somewhere along the way, the game completely changed and you can possibly blame social media for it.

Side-chicks are not staying quiet and playing their part as they used to do back in the day. Social media has a way of being able to link what new Instagram model is doing with what athlete at any given time.

Apparently, J.R. Smith had a side chick for so long that she not only developed feelings for him, she actually fell in love with him. The Cleveland Cavaliers star must’ve seen this changed and decided to end things, because the IG model, Yellow Doll, was clearly hurt by what transpired and ranted about it on Instagram, according to Sports Gossip.

“J.R. Smith has been married to Jewel “Shirley” Harris since 2016.

The couple has three children and has been dating since 2013. However, the Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard may have an eye for others. According to these screenshots and our tipster, it looks like JR had something cooking on the side.”