The Remains Of 23-Year-Old Keisha Holloman Found After Catching A Ride To A Hair Appointment But Never Made It! [DETAILS]

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Keiana Rogers never imagined her life without her daughter, Nickeisha Holloman (known as Keisha to her friends and family).

Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Keisha was a fun and loving 23-year-old woman who loved her family, friends, and living life. Like most young adults, Keisha was in the discovery stage of her life and was working on creating her path.

July 1st was the last day Keiana spoke to her daughter.

She caught a ride to a hair appointment but never made it.

On Keisha’s Facebook page, her last activity was a live video of a cookout on June 30th, where she appeared to be enjoying herself with her boyfriend. After that date, there has been no comments, posts, or any activity of the sort on her page.

Earlier on July 1st, Keisha had provided her mother with a new cell number, but when her mother tried to contact Keisha later that day, her phone went straight to voicemail. The fact that her brand new cell number sent Keiana straight to voicemail raised a red flag because Keisha kept in constant contact with her mother. Keiana hadn’t heard any follow up after Keisha’s hair appointment. Keisha’s mother also reached out to friends and family, who also confirmed that they had not heard from Keisha.

For over month and a half, Keiana launched a tireless campaign to locate her daughter. Keiana grew frustrated with the Cincinnati Police Department’s lack of interest in finding her daughter and took to her Instagram account to vent her frustrations.

“Once again CPD feel like she’s an adult so its not important to them but she’s important to me. This is my one and only child, if you have children can you even imagine not knowing where they are or if they’re okay?”

Keisha had a mental illness and was insulin-dependent. As a single mother, Keiana and her daughter had a close relationship and Keiana couldn’t believe that Keisha would leave abruptly and without notice.

Keisha’s mother continued to follow up with the detective assigned to her missing daughter’s case several times, but because she was an adult, they had no sense of urgency in locating Keisha. Keiana continued to chronicle her frustrations with the police on her Instagram page.

“..Just wanna say it’s now been well over a month that my daughter’s been missing. CPD does not feel that my daughter’s case is important because she’s just another missing adult but as you can see the news and media has been flooded with the missing college student from Iowa who is 20 years old.”

One can’t help but ask why Keiana’s case had a lack of interest from the police department. During that time there was another missing young white woman from Iowa name Mollie Tibbetts who went missing and her story was picked up by major news outlets all over the country. Keiana felt that because Keisha was black and had a couple of run-ins with the law, that they were not interested in giving Keisha adequate help in searching for her only child. It is a known fact that missing black women still aren’t receiving sufficient public media coverage in missing person cases. Their cases are treated with less urgency and are often placed on the back burner in comparison to their white counterparts.

For over a month and a half, Keiana had asked for help from the police department to find her missing daughter, all for her concerns to be written off. CPD did not provide adequate support because they believed that Keisha just left of her own accord; however, Keisha had no history of being a runaway.

CPD also did not seem motivated to search for Keisha due to the rumors that Keisha had left to go to Florida and her previous run-ins with the law. As stated before, Keisha did have a history of mental illness and because Keisha felt that she had a handle on her mental illness she did stop taking her medication which contributed to many of the issues she encountered.

Desperate for help, Keisha’s mother spoke to local news outlets to help get the word out about her missing daughter. She utilized family, friends, and social media to help search for her daughter.

With no leads and no contact from Keisha, all anyone could do was wait for any tips on where she could be.

After months of searching, Keiana discovered her daughter Keisha had passed away. Naturally, Keiana wants answers. The lack of information is incredibly devastating to the family, especially to Keisha’s grandfather who has terminal cancer. He knew his granddaughter wouldn’t leave without at least saying goodbye and that she loved him.

No mother should lose her daughter in this way. Had Keiana received helped from police when she initially requested it, perhaps things would have been a little different.

Please help the Holloman family to cover funeral expenses for Nickeisha. Anything you can do to help would be much appreciated it.