“I Made The mistake Of Falling In Love With A Lying, Cheating Drug Addict And Have Paid The Price. Here’s How I’m Going To Make Sure He Pays The Price Too!!!”

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Disclaimer: I am well aware of what a huge moron I am for getting myself into this position by dating this guy in the first place, but what can I say? I’m a bleeding heart. I fell for him, took a chance, and have learned my lesson.

So I’ve been with this guy we’ll call Mike for a year now. He has always had a drug problem and is currently on probation for some old drug charges. He still uses but gets away with it somehow. He was on the path to freedom until he decided to go behind my back and talk to other girls.

Back in the beginning of summer I found some questionable messages between him and random girls. Explicit messages of course. We had a huge blow out and almost broke up but he managed to convince me that the drugs were to blame for his behavior and that he wants to go to rehab.

He also told me that nothing physical happened with these girls and he just wanted the confidence boost. This event hurt me like nothing else and he knows very well that speaking to or looking at other girls the way he did is a dealbreaker for me.

The other night we were having some drinks with friends at our place (oh yeah, we share an apartment. Fu@k my life.)

While he stepped outside to smoke I turned on his phone to change the music and lo and behold, there are some girls on his Facebook messenger. Shocking!

Instead of blowing up hysterically and being miserable about it this time, I am catfishing him with photos of a very cute girl who I know is his type and letting the conversation flow.

From the get go he immediately tried making a move on this girl based solely on photos. He is lying to “her” that he’s single. There is no mention of his live-in girlfriend anywhere in our conversations. Things are of course taking a very intimate  turn, and I’m ever so slightly goading it on, but really I don’t need to. He’s just a huge player. It’s only been two days and he’s already trying to meet up with her.

Every morning he sends me I love you texts. Every night he tells me how much he loves me. He wants a future with me supposedly. He takes care of me in many ways. I have loved him with all my heart to the point of making enormous sacrifices of my own time, money, and effort. I am now stuck with no money and no place to go, but I’ll live out of my damn car if I have to. I am done with this motherfucker.

I’m going for the long con. This girl who he has no idea is a complete fantasy is going to be his undoing. I haven’t quite worked out the specifics of how it’s going to play out, but I know that he can do some time for violating his probation which he does repeatedly with drugs and alcohol. Eventually I want to set a real meet-up with this girl and catch him in the act of lying. Or just have all my stuff gone from the apartment with no explanation. Or somehow tip off his P.O. to what he’s doing drug-wise.

He has a car that he loves that I can also mess with. I have a lot of options but I need to fine tune my plan. It’s going to be hard living with him and pretending to be a loving girlfriend for a while longer but I think I can pull it off.

I know some say revenge isn’t worth it but he’s a massive piece of NOTHING who can only hurt girls. So instead of moving on so he can continue to be a loser with other women, I want to seriously disable him.

I am mad at myself for wasting a year of my life on this guy and being so blinded by love. But I’m more mad at him for lying to my face with ease. I will never understand his lack of conscience but I know he doesn’t deserve the kind of life I have given him.