“Sick Of Paying For A Kid I Never Wanted Because My Ex Purposely Put A Rip In The Condoms With Her Fingernail To Get Pregnant.”

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“Sick of paying for a kid I never wanted because my ex purposely put a rip in the condoms with her fingernail to get pregnant.”

Explicitly said I don’t want kids and never will.

A few years ago, a girl I was sleeping with agreed to that but was desperate to get pregnant and got pregnant and admitted after the kid was born she would put holes in the condom with her fingernails.

I was trapped and deceitfully made a father. Told her I’m having nothing to do with it……but I still have to pay for the stupid damn rugrat until it finishes college.

It’s only 4 years old and I still have years ahead of me losing all my potential disposable income to pay for this woman and her kid.

Judge even ordered me not to go to law school because I’d be giving up an income and I need to support the kid, even when the ex was forced to admit what she did, didn’t change anything, so I’m now stuck working a job I fucking hate to pay for this kid. It’s fucking bullshit and I’m sick of it.