Angry Girlfriend Searched Dating App To Find Someone To Kill Her Boyfriend; You Won’t Believe Why She Wanted Him Dead!

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A twenty-year-old college student has been arrested for attempting to hire someone to murder her former boyfriend.

On Wednesday, Avalone Fishback was charge with first-degree solicitation of murder.

According to AN affidavit in Payne County District Court, Fishback contacted at least four different people on various apps asking if they would kill her ex-boyfriend who lived in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

The city’s police learned about the incident after a man on ‘Plenty of Fish’ reported Fishback saying that she had allegedly asked him to commit murder.

The man said that he met Fishback on the app.

The police then contacted the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the FBI, who then conducted a joint investigation.

Records from the app shows that Fishback contacted another man about murdering her boyfriend as well.

The man allegedly agreed to shoot her boyfriend and bury his body for $1,000. But Fishback backed out of the deal once she learned that the man was already facing criminal charges.

When officers confronted Fishback about her conversations, she admitted to her entire plot. She confessed to also contacting a man on Snapchat about the murder as well. She told police that she suggested for them to travel to Missouri to kill her ex-boyfriend together.

The twenty-year-old also confessed to contacting a fourth person to commit the murder. She said that she spoke to the person who agreed to commit the crime on September 28, for only $600.

In an interview, Fishback said that she wanted her ex-boyfriend dead because he had “betrayed” her, lied to her mother, and ended the relationship. She admitted that she would have been happy if the plan had worked out.

She was arrested in her dorm room at Langston University in Langston, Oklahoma and is currently being held in Logan County jail on a $150,000 bond.

She is due to appear in court on October 25. If she is convicted, she faces between five years to life.

Langston University released a statement on the issue:

“Langston University is aware of the matter, and the Langston University Police Department is working with and will continue cooperating with the OSBI who is the lead agency on this matter.”