“My Husband Cheated While I Was Pregnant, We Divorced, He Married His Sidechick, And Now I’m Having An Affair With Him!”

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I know how messed up it sounds. When we were married, he began cheating on me when I was 7 months pregnant with our first child. We stayed together two years after I first learned of his affair.

He served me with divorce papers.

We had a friendly divorce. When it was time for him to pay child support he offered to pay more. In fact we were so friendly it appeared we were still married.

He got married to his mistress not too long after our divorce was finalized.

We’re committed to be respectful and cordial for the fact of our kids. Our goal is to raise two healthy, confident successful children. As time passed, we began crossing the line and now we’re having an affair. His wife and I are completely different.

He’s her God and savior. He was my partner. He couldn’t handle my confidence, education, and success. He wasn’t quite as successful as me and I adored him anyways.

He had/has a low self esteem and he would often verbally and mentally abuse me. I tried to prove my love and loyalty to him but it never worked. It didn’t help that his friends told him I was out of his league and was only using him for his money. His wife isn’t smart (his words) and had trouble communicating. He feels needed with her.

I digress. We’ve been secretly sleeping together for almost 4 years. I try to stop. But one look at him makes my heart skip a beat. I’m in cognitive behavioral therapy. I’m working through my issues. I haven’t had a boyfriend or a serious relationship other than my ex. I wonder how long before I’m not in love with my ex. He’s my best friend.