Offset PISSED At Rapper Claiming He Smashed Cardi B After She Sent Him A DM [DETAILS]

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Offset ia apparently pissed after a rapper claims he’s been responding with Cardi B through DM.

MTO Reports,

Offset had to defend his wife’s honor this past weekend, against a rapper who claims that he “smashed” his wife Cardi. The rapper told fans that he “smashed” Offset’s wife “for the culture.”

The rapper’s name is Young Bans – and he’s a known troll. He took to social media to make disrespectful comments about Cardi. He claimed that he’s been corresponding to her via DMs, and suggested that he “smashed” Offset’s wife.

In the past, Cardi B has talked openly about having cheated on Offset. But she never specified who she cheated on her husband with.

Young Bans quickly regretted leaving the disrespectful posts on social media. Offset immediately sent his goons to handle the rapper.

According to online reports, Offset’s goons ran down on Young Bans in a mall in Atlanta. Offset dry snitched on himself, about the incident, on social media.

And Offset isn’t done yet either. Offset posted “Lets Go To War” on his Instagram last night. Many believe that post was meant for Young Bans, who also lives in Atlanta.

Offset don’t play about his…