Woman Woke At 5am At Her Boyfriend’s House And Saw Another Woman Go Into His Bedroom With Him And Close The Door; You Won’t Believe What Happened NEXT!!! [DETAILS]

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This story is so WILD!!!

A Georgia man has been charged with rape after allegedly sexually assaulting a woman, punching her and threatening her with a gun, a police report says.

J’Quay Catrell Tolivar-Jones, 26, was arrested on Sept. 18, the day of the alleged assault.

Tolivar-Jones met the alleged victim when she was working at a Doraville strip club, she told police. They had hung out multiple times over the course of two months. About a week before the assault, they had sex for the first time and it was consensual, a police report says.

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On the evening of Sept. 17, Tolivar-Jones picked the woman up from her Dunwoody home and brought her to his Lawrenceville apartment, where two of his friends were also staying. The pair had agreed that day to begin dating.

Tolivar-Jones told the woman that she had to drink an alcoholic beverage if she wanted to spend time with him the next day, so she drank a beverage that he provided, she told police. The woman eventually fell asleep.

She woke around 5 a.m. the following morning when one of the friends, another woman, went into Tolivar-Jones’ bedroom and shut the door, the police report says. The woman confronted Tolivar-Jones and the female friend, who eventually left the apartment. Tolivar-Jones and the woman began arguing, and he began to rape the woman, the police report said.

She repeatedly told Tolivar-Jones to stop, but he continued to assault her, pinning her down, choking her and punched her in the face, the report says. He then got a gun from his dresser, inserted a magazine, racked a round and pointed the weapon at the woman, the report says. She ran out of the house partially nude and called 911. Officers found her in the woods, with “cuts all over her body.”

The woman was taken to the emergency room. A police officer observed bruising on her forehead and nose, a “busted lip,” abrasions on her neck and bruising on her arms.

Tolivar-Jones was arrested later that day and booked into the Gwinnett County Detention Center after 8 p.m. He is being held without bond.