Kris Jenner Is Trying To Clean Up Kylie Jenner’s Image Before She’s Exposed By Tyga? [DETAILS]

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Tyga’s recent success is really hurting Kylie Jenner’s image.

This week there has been a surge of positive reporting on Kylie Jenner.

First the reality star removed her lip fillers to give herself a more natural look.

Yesterday she was featured on the cover of “Forbes” for her success with Kylie comestics.

Kylie was the youngest person on the Forbes list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women, released Wednesday, with an estimated net worth of $900 million.

Today TMZ is reporting that Kylie , Travis Scott, and baby Stormi are vacationing in Hawaii as a happy family. Travis is also there to work on new music. 

This is all a plot to make Kylie Jenner look good before she’s exposed by Tyga.

You see when Tyga was with Kylie his career took a huge hit and was non existent during the entire relationship. Bad reports about Tyga’s money issues was being reported every week.

As soon as he dumped Kylie, his career is surging again with his summer hit ‘Taste‘, and the negative reporting has decreased.

Tyga even admitted in an interview that his career suffered by being in a relationship with Kylie. 

Now Travis Scott’s career is taking a hit as well.

Kris doesn’t want Kylie to have a bad representation of ruining rapper’s career.

So don’t be surprised if some negative reports about Tyga is released in the next few days.

The Kardashian curse may actually be a real thing.