Was Rapper Saweetie J.Cole’s Sidechick? [DETAILS]

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There’s a rumor going around that may get some of J.Cole’s fans upset.

According to a source, aspiring rapper Saweetie was J Cole’s side chick just a few years ago.

The relationship ‘ALLEGEDLY’ happened while he was in a serious relationship with his current wife, Melissa Heholt. They were not married at the time of the ALLEGED affair.

The source claims that J Cole and Saweetie met years ago and stayed in contact. They ‘ALLEGEDLY’ were romantically together.

J.Cole has admitted to infidelity in lyrics to his song ‘Kevin’s Heart‘–

J.Cole wrote,

In the lyrics J Cole says:
I love her, I don’t want to lose you I’m selfish,
I know that I use you My ego get stroke and I bruise her

My ego get stroke and I bruise her
My actions I know they confusin’
At home I look happy as usual

On the road I’m a mac, I’m a chooser
I’m a addict, I’m maskin’ that Kevin’s Heart

Saweetie explains how she met J.Cole in the video below: