The Truth Behind T.I.’s New Cheating Scandal

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Fake Love? 

According to BlindGossip, This rapper-turned-actor has played this role before whenever he has an upcoming reality TV show to promote. Same script but with a different cast.

In his latest role, he plays a cheating husband whose long-suffering wife goes along with his manufactured drama because he has a reality TV show premiering soon, and she’s depending on those paychecks.

This rapper-turned-actor knows his role-playing will result in attention from the low information social media users who watch his show.

The formula is a simple one:

  • Fake a relationship with an actress or IG Thot
  • Send a tip to a blogger through a family member of close friend
  • Provide “receipts” in the form of video or pictures
  • Publicly deny cheating on his wife
    Profess his love and commitment to his wife and children
  • If the above doesn’t work, file for a divorce
  • Delay the divorce proceedings until after the season premiere
  • Continue to plant fake stories on the blogs after the show airs
  • Cancel the divorce proceedings after the season ends
  • Wash & repeat the cycle next season