Solange Knowles Maybe Heading For Her 2nd Divorce [DETAILS]

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It looks like Solange may be heading for her second divorce. She married her current husband, Alan Ferguson back in 2014. The couple hasn’t been seen in public together in almost a year.

Now word is they are heading for divorce.

MTO reports,

We have been hearing rumors that one of the most popular singers in the world – is having trouble in her family. We’re hearing that her sister has been separated from her husband for months – and is expected to file for divorce.

According to rumors, the sister is known for treating her husband like crap, even though he worships her. In recent months, the streets say that he’s finally grown a backbone and began standing up for himself.

The sister isn’t happy with her new “backbone” man, and so she left him. Word is she’s now living apart from him in Los Angeles and is openly dating.

Hint, hint….Solange