Woman Claims Mariah Carey Sexually Harassed Her [DETAILS]

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Mariah Carey may be in some hot water. 

A woman claims she was sexually harassed by the singer.

Via TMZ,

Mariah Carey’s former manager claims she was repeatedly sexually harassed by the singer, because Mariah was constantly naked in front of her.

Mariah calls the allegation “baseless.”

Stella Stolper filed documents putting Carey’s team on notice a lawsuit is coming.

Stella is claiming Mariah rarely wore clothes around her, and was not only naked … but did sexual things in Stella’s presence.

We’re told Stella will also allege Mariah has a substance abuse problem, and fails to take her meds for bipolar disorder. Just last week, Mariah revealed she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2001 … but Stella’s claiming that’s just a small part of her problems.

Further, Stella will claim she was unfairly fired in the middle of her 3-year contract, and is still due a ton of cash. She’s giving Mariah an opportunity to make things right, before the lawsuit is filed.

A rep for Mariah said, “If this frivolous and baseless claim is filed, we will defend against it vigorously and successfully.”