Woman Reveals That She Just Found Out Her Boyfriend Of 7 Years Is Married And It Gets WORST!!! [DETAILS]

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A devastated Twitter user who user name is @Makathani1 revealed to her followers that she just found that her boyfriend, seven years was married. WOW!!!

To make it worst, he’s been married for their entire 7-year relationship.

According to her, the man has been hiding his marriage from her for seven years.

She further revealed that they have a child together and even managed a business together as well.

The post has since gone viral, and her friends and followers are pouring out their sympathy to her on twitter.

Here is some of the advice her supporters are giving her:

“I think he loves u, u have a business together sort this thing out. Without involving haters, you love him don’t you”

“Let me drop this here.. Your partner’s phone is also your property. There’s nothing like invasion of privacy. You see each other naked but you can’t check your phones? If you’re dating someone and you don’t have access to their phone, then you might be in for a big surprise.”

“People have two phones and keep the spare in the car , Privacy has nothing to do with honesty”

“I key into your sentiment dear, so what if there Is nothing like phone in the picture you think the man will not cheat…cheating is engraved in the DNA of most men take a reasonable amount of self-discipline for it to be prevented.”

She’s not along. Many women have been shocked after finding out their boyfriend was married.

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