Amara La Negra Reveals Why She’s Definitely Not Worried About Contacting Herpes From Usher [VIDEO]

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Love & Hip-hop: Miami star,  Amara La Negra was spotted leaving a club with Usher last week. But she’s worried about contacting herpes from the R&B legend because she has no plans to smash.

Amara went on The Real last week after our report and claimed that Usher did not smash.

“When you meet a man you wait 90 days before you give up your cookie, basically. So it gives you some time to really get to know the guy and to see if he sticks around. And that means absolutely nothing…”

Amara also revealed that she has been celibate since October 2017 and will remain celibate until she finds somebody worthy.

As we all know, Usher faced some humiliating press last year after he was dragged into caught by an alleged former lover who claimed to have contracted Herpes from the megastar. Usher denied giving her the disease although he’s never publicly denied having it himself.