The Truth Behind Usher And Grace Miguel’s Divorce [DETAILS]

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Via TMZ,

Usher and his wife were lovey-dovey just days ago and seemingly unbreakable … which is why their split came as an utter shock to friends.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ Usher and Grace Miguel were in L.A. for a night at the movies just last week watching “Black Panther.” We’re told Usher brought his kids … looking every bit like a close-knit family.

As we reported … they were still together as of December and had been keeping a low profile … with Usher’s lawsuits and all. But, sources tell us Usher and Grace had been on the regular at restaurants and stayed at the same house together … showing zero signs a split was looming.

Another sign Usher and Grace didn’t appear to be having marital problems  just a few weeks ago, friends say they had been planning a vacay out of the country together.

According to TheJasmineBrand The couple was reportedly in a negative space for over a year because of the issue.

They’ve been fighting non-stop over the past year. Grace wanted to have a surrogate, but Usher was only willing to adopt. He didn’t want a surrogate at all. Ultimately, he was the deciding factor of them not having a kid together.

It put a serious strain on them. The headlines and accusations were brutal. And it was really tough on them. They were fighting about it non-stop.