Wiz Khalifa Caught Cheating On Izabela Guedes; Confesses His Love For Amber Rose [DETAILS]

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Rumor has it that Wiz Khalifa and his Brazilian girlfriend, who have been together for almost a year, are ‘officially over’ after she suspected he was cheating on her with an ex.

Have Wiz and his girlfriend Izabela Guedes broken up? That’s what MediaTakeOut has reported. According to the gossip site, the 30-year-old hip-hop star and his Brazilian girlfriend “are officially over” after being almost inseparable for the past eight months.

A source with knowledge of the situation told the site that Izabela dumped Wiz because she suspected he was cheating on her with “an ex.” While the insider didn’t name name, it’s highly unlikely that the ex in question was his ex-wife Amber Rose, with whom he shares a nearly 5-year-old son named Sebastian Taylor Thomaz.

Or was it? Because Wiz just confessed his love for Amber Rose on Twitter.

He posted: