Jennifer Hudson Wants Her Ex David Otunga To Stop Being A Deadbeat And Get A Real Job

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The drama between Jennifer Hudson and her ex David Otunga isn’t over.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Hudson told the court, as part of the couple’s contentious custody and support battle over their son, that she plans to file a motion to compel Otunga to “seek employment” and “maintain a job diary.”

Hudson will not be filing the motions publicly but will present them to the judge later this month. She will also be seeking an order sealing the entire case.

In another proposed filing, the singer says she will also be seeking to have Otunga’s motion to have her sanctioned for being in contempt of court tossed out.

As The Blast first reported, Otunga accused Hudson of being a hypocrite because she demanded he be barred from speaking about their ongoing case to the media, while she continued to release statements and give interviews on the matter.

By the way, getting a job for the ex-WWE wrestler shouldn’t bee too hard. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, once worked at Columbia University’s Cognitive Neuroscience Center, graduated from Harvard Law School and even passed the bar in Illinois. He also still does some commentary for WWE, but clearly Hudson wants him to lock down something serious.