Woman Posted A Message On Instagram About Having A Ball With Ray J Over The Weekend [DETAILS]

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If you have been on social media lately then you know Ray J and his very pregnant wife Princess Love have been going through it.

Things are not looking so good. Fans are claiming that a video he posted over the weekend shows him in a shower with another woman.

His wife Princess Love, took to social media to share some very concerning messages regarding their relationship.

She posted a quote to Instagram on reading,

“The problem is women think he will change, he won’t. And men make the mistake of thinking she will never leave, she will.”

She fueled the cheating rumors even more with a series of Tweets.

“If you’re going to stay with a man, do it because that’s what you truly want. Never stay because of children.. When they grow up, then what,”

She also tweeted, 

“To me, for better or worse doesn’t mean cheating.. that’s like saying stay with a man that beats you.

One woman that spent some time with Ray J over the weekend posted a message on Instagram about having a ball with him.

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Ms. Stewart posted this message under one of Ray J’s friends Instagram post.