EXCLUSIVE: Kanye West Will Demand A Divorce From Kim Kardashian In 2018 [DETAILS]

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The couple isn’t even having sex.

As you may know Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are expecting their third child via surrogate any time now, but the baby will not save their marriage.

I repeat ‘The Baby Will Not Save The Marriage’.

I have exclusive details…

A very experience tarot card reader did a reading on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West exclusive for me and it was not good.

The first card pulled was Three of Swords.

This is the classic card for separation, pain, and divorce.  All you need to do is look that heart with the swords piercing it and you see: a broken heart.

(Kanye is heart broken about their relationship and the fact that Kim doesn’t find him attractive anymore. He has no idea what to do about it. He’s frustrated and ready to move on.)

The second card pulled was The Tower.

With the lighting card striking the home and the two figures falling out, the Tower can represent a collapse of a relationship or a broken home.  Someone is getting “thrown out.”

(Kanye West will demand a divorce before the summer and it will hit Kim like a ton of bricks… He won’t be kind about it either.)

The third card pulled was Five of Cups.

Five is the number of change and the Cups represents the emotional life – hence, a change of heart.  Keep in mind that although this card shows a loss, the two upright cards indicate that all is not lost.

( Kanye will not battle Kim for full custody. He wants his kids to be happy.)