Quavo Is Now Dating Instagram Model Bernice Burgos [RECEIPTS]

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Last month, Instagram model Bernice Burgos shocked social media after coming forward and confirming her daughter’s pregnancy.

“Public service announcement. Boop! Okay, let me let y’all haters know. Okay? The people that support me, I love y’all. But let me tell y’all something. My daughter, she’s already 21. Okay? She’s happy and whatever decision that she decides she wants to do, I’m there for her. Okay? At the end of the day, I had her age the age of 15. You know? I was a young mom and now I’m going to be a young grandmother. And I’m going to be a bad grandmother. You know what I’m saying? And I love her to death. And Ashley, don’t worry about these f*cking haters. Okay? You was trying to keep it as a secret because sometimes you gotta keep your personal business just private, just for us, just for the family but y’all people talking so much gossip and so much bullsh*t that y’all don’t got nothing else to do? She’s good though. We are good. But anyway, stay tuned for my reality show. That’s going to come real soon.”

Becoming a granny hasn’t stop Bernice Burgos from chasing to hottest new rapper.

She’s been seen out and about with Quavo on several occasions.

The two were spotted last night at a night club.

Story is developing…