8-Months Pregnant Marlazia Jones-Mattox And Her Boyfriend, Keith Williams III Was Murdered A Day After New Years; But A Miracle Happened [DETAILS]

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Marlazia Jones-Mattox, 21, was looking forward to being a mother. This would be her first child and he was scheduled to be born in February. Marlazia was so excited about being a mom that she often discussed her impending arrival on Facebook.

She even shared with her followers that she planned to name him, Keith, after her boyfriend, Keith Williams III. However, Marlazia and Keith would never get the chance to meet their newborn as someone took their lives one day into the new year. One Day Into The New Year: Yvonda Jones, the mother of Marlazia Jones-Mattox, is still in disbelief that her daughter is gone.

They made so many plans as both women were excited about Marlazia’s pregnancy. The 21 year-old first time mom had plans to fix up her apartment and attend school. She graduated from high school but she had dreams of furthering her education. ‘He’s so big. He’s sticking way out,’ Jones-Mattox told her mother about the baby, Yvonda Jones shared with Columbus Dispatch.

The pregnancy made her tired, Jones said. She was getting her apartment on the East Side ready for the baby’s arrival. Jones promised to be by her side when the baby came. Marlazia Jones-Mattox was 35 weeks pregnant with her first child when she was murdered. Just one day into the new year, on January 1st, around 11:43 p.m., someone entered the home of Keith Williams III and shot him as well as his pregnant girlfriend, Marlazia Jones-Mattox. Marlazia was shot in the abdomen.

Jones-Mattox was 35 weeks pregnant and she was rushed to the hospital in an effort to save her life. Tragically, Jones-Mattox was pronounced dead at Mount Carmel West Hospital at 12:15 a.m. Tuesday. Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!

Miraculously, the baby wasn’t wounded when the bullet tore through his mother’s abdomen. Markeith Kamar Jones-Mattox Williams was born via c-section. Jones-Mattox was shot multiple times in the stomach and the baby boy suffered a significant time with no oxygen.

The infant remains in critical condition at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. One other person, an unknown teenage male, was shot as well and he is in critical condition. Police believe that the shooting occurred due to a failed robbery attempt. Marlazia’s mother said that she is thankful her grandson survived. I felt a lot of relief after they told me they had saved him because I do have her, Jones said. I still have her. I still have her. The house where Jones-Mattox and Williams were killed previously was the site of another double homicide. On Oct. 30, 2016, John Henry murdered his estranged girlfriend, Nicole L. Caudill, 43, and another person, Timothy Carney.

Columbus police officers believe that the shooter or shooters involved might have escaped in a gray or silver midsize SUV that could have bullet holes in the passenger side. No suspects have been identified.