Offset Caught Cheating On Cardi B For The 4th Time; Now A Groupie Is Asking For A DNA Test [DETAILS]

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Offset, Offset, not AGAIN! 😕

Amid Offset’s brand new cheating scandal, involving a naughty tape with an unknown woman, Instagram model Celina Powell aka Xocelina is speaking out once again. She’s also asking for a DNA test.

Xocelina claims that she is not at all surprised he’s betrayed Cardi once again as he sleeps with pretty much anyone!

Things have been hard on the Bodak Yellow rapper lately, and they’re about to get worse.
After not one but two cheating scandals, a third one has emerged in the form of a sex tape!

That being said, his alleged baby mama is not surprised.

One interviewer asked Celina if she knows who this new woman Offset seems to have hooked up with is and she bluntly replied:

‘Who knows, he f***s everyone.’ He’s gon’ do what he wants to do. Nobody in the industry’s faithful.’

Celina went on to admit that she really wants Offset and Cardi B to break their engagement.

‘I hope they break up so I can do the DNA test.’

As for how far along she is, the Insta model refused to reveal it, saying: ‘I am not telling anyone!’

The Migos star has made it pretty difficult for the woman to serve him with a DNA test as his legal team sent her a cease and desist order.

What this means is that if she claims he got her pregnant again, he will sue her for defamation.

But the woman is so sure her baby is his that she continues to accuse him nonetheless.

‘I’m not cease and desisting SH*T! tell your lawyer to suck my d*ck the way I sucked yours,’ Celina wrote.

Now that this tape has surfaced, Celina couldn’t help but taunt Offset as well as Cardi.