40 Glocc Claims ‘The Game’ Impregnanted A 14-Year-Old And Paid Her Off [DETAILS]

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The Game is facing some mind blowing allegations from his former friend 40 Glocc.

40 Glocc  claims  The Game paid off a 14-year-old girl that he got pregnant.  The allegations have gone viral on social media.

According to 40 Glocc, The Game “impregnated” a 14-year-old girl back in. He does not provide any proof of the allegations, however.

He posted:

If you recall, back in July 2012, 40 Glocc was involved in a fight with The Game and his friends outside of a mansion in Hollywood. Glocc sued The Game for $4.5 million in damages for assault and battery, as well as damage to his reputation. He was awarded $3,000 in 2015 and an additional $200,000 in 2017.