4-Month-Old Jourini Black Dragged Out Of Her Bed A Brutally Attacked; Parents Blame Landlord [DETAILS]

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Jourini Black’s suffered wounds so severe on her face, she required a total of 65 stitches, reported Fox 29.

Jourini Black’s father said his “heart dropped” when he was told the news.

Jourini’s father, who was not at the home during the attack, said he was devastated when the baby’s mother told him the news.

Jourini’s mother, Ashley Rodgers, had only recently moved into her North Philadelphia apartment when the attack took place. Rodgers said she took her 6-year-old to the bathroom and when she returned she saw her baby on the floor.

“She was laying on the floor across the room  blood all over her face and her PJs,” Rodgers told Fox 29.

She says the raccoon pulled the child from the bed onto the floor. She was rushed to Temple and then to St. Christopher for surgery.

While Jourini is in recovery, her father spoke with Fox 29 about raccoon infestations the property has had and how the landlord has not properly handled the situation.

According to Samuel Black, the building’s owner, Jihad Simpson, did not notify his daughter’s mother about a rodent problem.

According to Fox 29, Simpson owes $23,000 in back-taxes on the building; however, he is currently on a payment plan. Additionally, City Licenses and Inspections records indicate Simpson has no license to rent but Ashley Rodgers tells FOX 29 she moved in on Tuesday and paid $375.

Now, Jourini’s father wants justice for his daughter and wants to make sure no other children on the property are attacked.