Sidechick Claims She’s 10 Weeks Pregnant By A Married A-List Actor [Letter Enclosed]

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The Sidechick Writes:

My life is over. My life is over. My life is over.
My life is over. I am 10 weeks pregnant and I had no idea I was.

I just discovered I’m pregnant by 10 weeks!. For the last 2 years I’ve been sleeping with a A list Hollywood actor on and off. He is very famous. I am also in the industry but not as famous as him. He is also very married. I didn’t care because I saw him as a sponsor, he took care of my living expenses, car in exchange for my company it was an arrangement which worked.

I didn’t love him in a genuine way but he was a good sponsor/sugar daddy to me and he treated me. Before this I was convinced I was infertile as I have PCOS, Fibroids and have not ovulated nor had a regular cycle in my life. I have been told by doctors since I was age 12 that I would not be able to have children. I have never used any birth control or contraception before and have always had one sexual partner at a time. Before this in every relationship I was in I told the man I could not have kids. I accepted my fate in life that I was infertile. I’ve always used condoms and never birth control since I didn’t need it. Till today. After knowing I was infertile since age 12 I did not even put children in my destiny.

About 2 months ago random things started happening in my body but because I’ve never had regular PMS or a regular cycle it didn’t click to me. My nipples started hurting and feeling sore. They were very painful.. I didn’t pay too much attention to it and thought I had a flu etc. I lost my appetite. Last I went for my routine twice yearly STD check and the lady called me with the results and mentioned me being pregnant. I didn’t understand. She told me to go and see a doctor. The doctor confirmed I am 10 weeks pregnant.

I can not believe I am pregnant for one and two I can not believe it is for a married Hollywood actor. I am consumed with so much sadness in this moment in time. If by chance I would fall pregnant it would not be for this man or in this situation. I am 28 years old. I told my mother that I was pregnant and she said under no circumstances can I abort it as it’s a miracle. She even offered to take care of it herself but said I must not abort it as I may never fall pregnant again. My mother and father are in their 50’s and married, they are begging me to give the baby to them to care for and saying I can’t abort it.

I am so conflicted. I am so scared. I am 28 years old which means I am not too young for children but the situation is just too bad and I’m scared of the potential press coverage once the news leaks out and retribution from his fans and his wife. I just want to crawl into a hole somewhere. I don’t know what to do.

I believe my options are: keep it, cut him off, never tell him, raise it alone
keep it, tell him, put him on CS and raise it alone
abort it and not tell him

If I keep it I have to leave Los Angeles because I can’t risk the press finding out. He is part of a Hollywood golden Alist couple he will never leave his wife and his fans and wife will probably try and ruin my life. Is there anyway I can make sure this never gets to the press?