George Zimmerman Threatens To Beat-up Jay-Z [DETAILS]

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Trayvon Martin’s killer is still flapping his lips. And this time George Zimmerman has threatened violence against Jay-Z over a Martin documentary that is currently in production.

Earlier this year, Jay-Z announced that he was working with the Weinstein Company to produce a six-part documentary about Martin’s life titled, Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story, based on attorney Lisa Bloom’s book Suspicion Nation. Although Harvey Weinstein is no longer with the company, the documentary is still being created and executive-produced by Michael Gasparro.

Now here’s where Zimmerman comes into play. In an interview with the Blast, Zimmerman alleges that Gasparro and his production company are harrasing his parents and other family members in the Florida area for an interview.

Zimmerman told the Blast that he wants to beat and feed Jay-Z to alligators, and he also made a threat alluding to the killing of Martin.

“I know how to handle people who fuck with me, I have since February 2012,” Zimmerman said, referencing the date he killed Martin. Zimmerman also alleges that an unspecified amount of money was paid to his ex-wife for her participation in the documentary.

One has to wonder if Zimmerman realizes that in Florida, making credible threats, that may place a person, in this case Jay-Z, in fear of their life, is a felony. I’m pretty sure Jay Z has 99 problems, and a Zimmerman ain’t one.