Sidechick Tales– Pregnant Woman Is Blackmailing Her Married Baby’s Father

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Apparently she found out via FB that he was married. He initially denied it. She said she was going to go to his house (she found his address online) and see if a woman answers the door.

This is when he finally admitted that he was married. By this point the girl was already pregnant.

He said he would give her whatever she wanted as far as money goes if she will continue to keep the baby a secret. So she’s getting him to give her $800 a month PLUS she adds items to her shopping cart on Walmart and he buys them for her and sends them to her house.

They live in different states. She is moving closer to him (she has a new job) and he is going to help her move. I’m so curious where the fuck his wife thinks he is whenever he’s gone.

She says they’re not fucking anymore but I don’t believe that. I’ve told her how ridiculous she is for keeping it a secret and that she would probably get more money and also peace of mind if she stopping lying to everyone. She said she didn’t want to ruin his life, she just wanted financial help with the baby. Which he provides. So she has no reason to blow his spot.