Russell Wilson Caught Creeping!!! [DETAILS]

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The other day, Russell Wilson was caught liking bikini pics. But they were not of his wife, the singer Ciara. They were of some other woman. We are wondering if they have met, or if he has only looked at her through the Internet.

Well, Ciara might have heard about this. And she showed up to a public even looking even hotter than usual. Is she sending the father of her children a message?

Russell Wilson got caught looking at a hot chick, but now his wife trots out this dress. Ciara is really showing off what her husband should be grateful for having at home.
But who is this mystery woman Russell Wilson was caught liking pics of? We have the scoop.

Sara-Jade Kow is also involved in fashion. She has her own line of swimwear–which she personally models on Instagram. And this might be how she came to Russell Wilson’s attention.

Regardless of Russell Wilson’s reason for checking out Sara-Jade Kow, we do not know whether Ciara is okay with it. Maybe she understands that men look at other women, and perhaps this is not a bad sign for their relationship. But maybe it is?