Reportedly Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Are Engaged

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When Kylie Jenner dumped Tyga, she wasted no time in moving on with someone new.

Fortunately, it seems she’s learned a few lessons from her first serious relationship.

For one thing, the reality star has found someone a little closer to her level this time.

Yes, Kylie is dating Travis Scott, a rapper with an actual fan base that pays real money to buy his music and attend his concerts, and the couple is expecting a child together in February.

For someone as status-obsessed as Kylie, it must be a welcome change of pace after spending so much time with a dude who last charted a hit in 2011, and is essentially washed up at the age of 27.

Unfortunately, it seems there are some lessons about love that continue to elude Kylie.

For example, it seems she’s learned little about the dangers of moving too quickly in a new relationship.

Rumors that Kylie is engaged to Travis pop up about once a month, just as they did with Tyga, and once again, it seems that Kylie is reveling in the attention – and actually entertaining the idea.

Thankfully, Kylie hasn’t confirmed the rumors herself, but her BFF Jordyn Woods is speaking out – and we regret to report that it sounds like wedding bells may be ringing in the very near future.

I’m already a maid of honor,” Jordyn recently told Life & Style.

She added that Kylie and Travis aren’t “in a rush to get married,” but the implication seems to be that Jordyn believes her bestie has found the one.