New Information Reveals That Kevin Hart Was In Serious Danger [ DETAILS]

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With all this new information coming out about the Kevin Hart case, he should be grateful he’s still alive.

According to TMZ, authorities who are on the hunt for the Kevin Hart extortionists now believe they will catch the culprits based on the evidence they’ve just seized.

Search warrants have already been executed and now we know the information authorities have amassed connects multiple people they believe were involved in the plot to squeeze 7 figures from Hart in return for keeping the sex tape secret.

The phone records that we’re seized are critical … showing who called who and when. According to reports and record seized, Kevin was in serious danger

But we know authorities also have their sights set on cellphones and computer hard drives.

Authorities are keeping that close to the vest, but we’re told none of the suspects are part of Kevin’s world.

There were a number of people partying with Kevin and sex tape partner Montia Sabbag, and most if not all of them knew her, but Kevin knew none of them.

Sabbag and her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, are scheduled to meet with investigators, but not before next Wednesday.

Apparently investigators want to analyze all the information they get from the warrants before sitting with Sabbag, because they will help them hone in on the questions they want to ask her. Sabbag insisted at her news conference she was not part of the extortion plot.