An Insider Gave Details About The Time He Spotted Usher At A Gay Club

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After one of Usher’s shows in Chicago he decided to go to a gay club, and an insider spilled ALL the T.E.A.

In an exclusive interview,  a reporter spoke with a Chicago show-insider who gave up all of the evening’s details.

Our source tells, “everyone was in Usher’s dressing room drinking champagne and someone came up with the idea that we should go to a club.” That’s when, the source claims, the group went to a popular gay nightclub. The source explained, “we weren’t looking for a gay club, it just happened … I mean most of us were gay, so we just went to a place we knew.”

And that’s when the night began to heat up. Our spy told, “there were half-naked men everywhere … and Usher didn’t seem to mind”. Then, according to our source, Usher struck up a conversation with an older gentleman. The source explained, “Usher was talking all up in this guys face, I thought the two of them were going to start kissing … at first I couldn’t believe my eyes … but then I thought, this is Chelsea, so anything goes.” Chelsea is a popular gay neighborhood in New York.

But that’s where the fun ended. Our source tells, “about 20 minutes after we got there a crowd started to form around Usher and we decided that it was time to leave … we all had a lot of fun though.” When asked whether Usher had a good time also, the source said, “I know he did.”