Makeva Jenkins Murdered After Posting Check On Facebook

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This story really touched a nerve with me. A woman so proud of her accomplishments tried to share the news on Facebook to inspire others, but was murdered instead.

A South Florida mother was murdered in her house after, her family believes, she wrote about her six-figure salary in a Facebook post.

WSVN Reports

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies are now investigating this case and are taking a closer look at Makeva Jenkins’ social media post in case there’s a connection to her murder.

The 33-year-old’s three children and two other relatives were inside the Lake Worth house when she was shot in the head Wednesday at around midnight.

Jenkins has a business that coached people on how to become successful entrepreneurs.

Her Facebook claimed that she’d become successful. In one post she wrote,

“I don’t even try to count my blessings. There are too many.”

On Wednesday night, Jenkins posted another motivational post that talked about how she overcame homelessness.

“We overcame being homeless in 2013/2014 to reaching my six figure mark in 2015 to now making multi six figures.”

Around 2 a.m., a masked man knocked on her front door along Plumbago Place and Spider Lily Lane in Lake Worth.

When Jenkins answered the door, the gunman allegedly made three adults lie face down, including Jenkins. After some kind of altercation, she was shot in the head.

“As a parent, that’s devastating for the kids to turn around and their mother is gone,” said neighbor Michael Atkinson. “I don’t know all the details of the situation, but that would be scary.”

Neighbors said it is scary to wake up to this kind of tragedy.

“It’s kind of scary to think that somebody could knock on my door,” said one woman who lives nearby, “the police and helicopters, and we didn’t know what was going on.”

The victim’s family is now devastated. Jenkin’s husband could be seen sobbing outside the house.

“What’s going on in my neighborhood and like to find out what’s the cause and what is the circumstance,” said neighbor Marc Stollberg. “Was it purely random or was someone having a family problem?”

The gunman reportedly took off in one of the family’s vehicles. It was dumped a short distance from the scene.

Deputies are actively investigating.

Update:  Some sources are revealing that her husband could be a suspect and his motivation was an insurance policy. This information has not been confirmed.