Cleveland, Ohio Fugitive ARRESTED After Murdering A 13-Year-Old

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After months of searching a Cleveland fugitive is behind bars.

WishTv Reports

Police arrested a fugitive from Cleveland, Ohio right here in Indianapolis. Police in Cleveland believe that back in December, 24-year old Jacque Renode stabbed and killed a 14-year old and days later shot and injured a 13-year old.

On Tuesday, IMPD says Renode was involved in some kind of disturbance on the city’s east-side near 10th and Drexel Avenue. After arriving on the scene, officers discovered that Renode had a warrant for his arrests out of Cleveland. IMPD says they arrested him, but he somehow managed to run off.

Authorities set up a perimeter and with the help of a K-9 officer they were able to find him just blocks away on North Bosart Avenue near 10th Street.

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